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Affenpinscher puppies for sale
Affenpinscher One of the oldest of the toy breeds, they were originally bred to keep small rodents under control in households. Their name translates from the German to monkey terrier, and their personalities fit the moniker. Active and friendly, they will play in the house all day, but do enjoy daily walks.

Learn about the AKC Affenpinscher puppy breed more information on Affenpinschers.
Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon puppies for sale
Brussels Griffon Originating in Belgium, this breed has a terrier like personality - full of spunk and self-importance. An active dog, they require daily mental and physical exercise. Both the smooth coat and the wiry coat varieties make lovable family companions.

Brussels Griffon dog breed information more information on the Brussels Griffon.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel This beautiful breed is a spaniel in every way as it gaily romps around with all members of its family. They are easily trainable, trustworthy with children and an excellent companion. Their silky coats require at least twice weekly brushing and they do love a good run outside.

Locate an AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder more information on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Chihuahua puppies for sale
Chihuahua One of the most popular breeds, these high energy dogs become devoted to one person. Often exhibiting terrier-like personalities, these playful companions will run around inside all day. Their coats require minimal care and they love to be kept warm.

Chihuahua dog breed information more information on Chihuahuas.
Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested puppies for sale
Chinese Crested Present in China for at least the last 700 years, this is an elegant and fine-boned breed. Two distinct varieties may be born in the same litter: the Hairless, with hair only on the head, tail and feet, and the Powderpuff with soft and silky hair all over. Gifted jumpers, they love to romp and be kept warm.

Chinese Crested dog breed info more information on Chinese Cresteds.
English Toy Spaniel
English Toy Spaniel puppies for sale
English Toy Spaniel This is an intelligent and well-behaved member of the AKC Toy Group. Their coat is silky and smooth flowing. There are four varieties of the breed, based on their coloring. All are amiable and excellent family companions requiring minimal exercise.

Learn about the AKC English Toy Spaniel puppy breed more information on English Toy Spaniels.
Havanese puppies for sale
Havanese The only dog breed native to Cuba, their light silky coat protects them from the heat. Intelligent, charming and affectionate, they are an ideal family companion that requires daily exercise.

Havanese dog breed information more information on the Havanese.
Italian Greyhound
Italian Greyhound puppies for sale
Italian Greyhound An ancient breed that has been memorialized in art at least 2000 years ago, these are miniature versions of the larger Greyhound. Active and playful, they need daily exercise and to be kept warm. An excellent and devoted companion, their diminutive size requires care in handling.

Italian Greyhound breed information more information on Italian Greyhounds.
Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin puppies for sale
Japanese Chin Originating in ancient China, this breed was reserved for royalty. Their silky and soft coats make for the perfect lap warmer. Intelligent and playful, they are excellent companions that love a bit of daily running around in the out of doors.

Local AKC Japanese Chin breeders more information on Japanese Chins.
Maltese puppies for sale
Maltese An ancient breed, these small dogs have beautiful long, silky white hair. Gentle of manner, playful and fearless describe them perfectly. Their small size makes them perfect and portable family companions. This popular breed requires daily brushing and fun indoor activities or short walks.

Learn about the AKC Maltese puppy breed more information on Malteses.
Miniature Pinscher
Miniature Pinscher puppies for sale
Miniature Pinscher Also known as the Min Pin, this toy breed does not know that it is a small dog. The breed is several centuries old and has abounding energy. This intelligent and bold dog will play all day. An excellent companion that dislikes the cold and has an extremely easy to care for coat.

Learn about the AKC Miniature Pinscher puppy breed more information on Miniature Pinschers.
Papillon puppies for sale
Papillon This small dog is alert, friendly and dainty. Known for its butterfly ears, this breed loves to play. Their long silky coats need fairly frequent brushing. Able to live anywhere, from city apartments to sprawling country as long as they have daily attention and exercise.

Learn about the Papillon breed more information on Papillons.
Pekingese puppies for sale
Pekingese The name of this breed is derived from the ancient city of Peking, China, where these dogs were considered sacred. Lion like in appearance, they have a stubborn and courageous character. Their exercise requirements are minimal and they can make excellent dogs for those with smaller living spaces.

Learn about the Pekingese breed more information on the Pekingese.
Pomeranian puppies for sale
Pomeranian These intelligent small dogs have large personalities, and love to please people. Also known as Poms, their ancestry is from the spitz family. A popular dog in both competition and as a family pet. Their exercise needs are minimal and their lovely coat requires at least twice weekly brushing.

Learn about the Pomeranian breed more information on Pomeranians.
Toy Poodle puppies for sale
Poodle These small, very intelligent dogs, stand 10" high or less. Considered one of the easiest breeds to train, they are alert, full and energy and quite fun. Excellent family companions, they require daily exercise, and professional grooming.

Learn about the Toy and Teacup Poodle breeds more information on Poodles.
Pug puppies for sale
Pug An ancient breed that exists to please their human companions. Filled with charm and playfulness, they have great dignity and an even temper. Their coat requires minimal care and their exercise requirements are small. They do not like heat or humidity but do love to show off and amuse their family.

Learn about the Pug breed more information on Pugs.
Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu puppies for sale
Shih Tzu One of the most popular breeds of dogs, the coat of the Shih Tzu is long and flowing. They are an energetic and playful companion, and get along equally well with children and older family members. Their exercise needs are minimal but their beautiful coats require daily maintenance.
Silky Terrier
Silky Terrier  puppies for sale
Silky Terrier This small dog has a big terrier personality. Developed in Australia, they are feisty and bold, requiring daily exercise. Their silky coat starts out black and turns to the classic blue and tan colors. An excellent family companion, they do best when not left alone.
Toy Fox Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale
Toy Fox Terrier One of the true American dog breeds, they have abounding energy and can play or hunt all day. Intelligence and an eagerness to please make them excellent companions. Highly adaptable, their coat requirements are minimal but their playtime requirements are high.
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale
Yorkshire Terrier An extremely popular dog, the Yorkie breed originated as a terrier used to catch vermin. Their long, silky coats are a trademark of the breed. Bold and energetic, they are all terrier. Their coats require regular brushing. Excellent companions for households that are lively.
Toy Group General Information

The dog breeds in the AKC Toy Group have only one thing in common - their size. Several are miniature versions of larger breeds. The main function is to bring delight. They are tough of character, but generally very playful. Sometimes referred to as lap dogs, they are perfect for those who have small living spaces.

These dogs were initially developed for the wealthy and royalty, and were considered a luxury. In current society, although not as prohibitive in cost as they once were, they are still considered by some to be a status symbol. They remain extremely loyal pets, and many of the breeds are adept at learning tricks.

Small breeds are found in all of the American Kennel Club groups, not just in the Toy Group. Some of the most popular and well known breeds in this classification include Chihuahuas, Malteses, Pekingese, Toy Poodles, Shih Tzus and Yorkies.

Popular Toy Group Breeds:

Maltese   Shih Tzu   Yorkshire Terrier

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