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The Wonderful World of Cat Shows  December 2010
   A brief history of cat shows.
     Find a cat show near you and see some great pics!
     My dog knows French!
Puppy Proofing You & Your Home  November 2010
   The basic steps to get ready for your new puppy.
     Checklists for inside and outdoor puppy proofing.
     My dog knows Spanish!
The History of Dog Food  October 2010
   James Spratt and other tidbits.
     Dog and cat food reivews.
     My dog knows German!
Flying with your pets  August 2010
   Airlines and pets.
     The Devon Rex cat breed.
     My dog knows Italian!
Your High Tech Pet  July 2010
   Microchipping your pet.
     Summer time dog videos.
     Celebrating 10 year anniversary.
Pet Travel Tips  June 2010
   Having a blast travelling with your pet.
     Chartreux Cats ~ The meditating smiling mouser!
     Travel checklist and animal humor.
Bizarre Animal Laws  May 2010
   Strange, Weird and Bizarre Animal Laws.
     Birman cats ~ white gloved beauties!
     Trivia about the "Homeward Bound" dogs.
Truckers and Their Pets  April 2010
   Pets and Truckers ~ from OTR to short haul ~ they just go together.
     Russian Blue cats ~ a cat that's always smiling!
     Trivia about TV animals.
Library Therapy Dogs  March 2010
   Library therapy dogs and reading dog programs.
     Cornish Rex cats ~ a "rex" gene from Cornwall, England!
     Find a reading dog program near you ~ improve chidlren's literacy.
Collecting Vintage Dog Jewelry  February 2010
   Collectible jewelry with dog designs by famous makers.
     Himalayan cats ~ a cross between Persian and Siamese cats.
     Vintage jewelry research on the internet & a Presidential dog.
Famous Painters and Dogs  January 2010
   Paintings with dogs by well known artists.
     Munchkin cats ~ the short version!
     Find a museum near you & animal cartoon trivia.
How Do Dog Breeds Get Their Names?  December 2009
   The naming of dog breeds & etymology.
     Pixie Bob cats ~ true gentle giants!
     Online dictionaries and animal cartoon trivia.
Sailing Ships and Dog Breeds  October 2009
   The Chinese Crested and Havanese are two well traveled breeds.
     Siamese cats ~ Appleheads and Wedgies galore!
     Puzzles and books about animals at sea.
Dog House Architecture  September 2009
   Wild and wonderful dog houses that are works of art.
     Manx cats ~ do you have a rumpy riser?
     Adventure Comics dog trivia & libraries on the internet.
The Dog in American English Expressions  June 2009
   Expressions and idioms with the word "dog" in them.
     Singapura cats ~ they might "drain" you!
     Jack Lalanne's dog and free things for kids to do.
The History of Firehouse Dogs  May 2009
   Dalmatians & fire houses ~ dispelling the myths.
     Egyptian Mau cats ~ rare and loyal.
     Cartoon dog trivia and readers comments on animal rights.
Commemorating Military Working Dogs  April 2009
   Military Working Dogs (MWD) & the US War Dogs Association.
     Sphynx cats aka Canadian Hairless cats.
     Dog trivia and famous cat quotes!
Collecting Antique Dog Collars  March 2009
   Article on antique dog collars.
     Persian cats - the most popular breed of cat.
     Dog trivia of the month.
Are You and Your Pets Foodies?  February 2009
   Foods that are toxic to dogs and cats.
     New legislative alerts page created for animal lovers.
     Siberian cats- about the breed and animal trivia!
White House Dogs and Cats   January 2009
   What breed of dog will be next in the White House?
     Computer help forums explained.
     Famous cats in the White House.
What would you do if you dog was lost or stolen? November 2008
   What steps to take when your dog is missing.
     Checklist - what to do before your dog is lost.
     Abyssinian cats and computer smilies!
Got a Tricky Dog?   October 2008
   The sport of Disc Dog & how to get exercise with you dog.
     Maine Coon cats and their personalities,
     Dog trivia with Roy Rogers & Halloween costumes for your dog.
Got a Dog with a Barrel Around Its Neck?   September 2008
   The St. Bernard breed and the barrel myth.
     Scottish Fold cats and Johnny Quest's dog.
     Information and article on PETA.
Got a Polite Dog?   August 2008
   Therapy dogs - could yours become one?
     Information on animal assisted therapy.
     Savannah cat breed - characteristics & animal trivia of the month.
Got a Dog Show in Your Future?   July 2008
   Types of Dog shows-conformation, agility, field trials and rally.
     Free tools and software from Google.
     Bengal cats and Foghorn Leghorn!
Got a Great Safe Pet Garden?   June 2008
   How safe is your garden for your pet?
     Bird feeders, giant toads and toxic plants.
     Meta search engines, ragdoll cats & animal trivia of the month!
Got a Great Dog Breeder?   May 2008
   Is your dog breeder reputable?
     Puppy mills and what you should know about them.
     Wikipedia for dog breeds and cat breeds.
Got a Right Wagging Dog Tail?   February 2008
   What it means if your dog's tail wags more right than left.
     NuVet pet food supplements.
     Link to and
Got Growing Profits?   November 2007
   Become an affiliate of NuVet Plus pet supplements & make money.
     Holiday gift ideas for your pets.
     Dog breeders and PayPal payments.
Got Spam and Scam?   October 2007
   Online fraud and precautions you need to take.
     Cat breeders - how take a good photo of your kittens.
     Advertising your breeder business on
Got Watermarks?   July 2007
   Preventing online photo theft with watermarks.
     Domain name ripoffs. Get your own website
     with a full year membership in
Got Videos?   January 2007
   Link online videos to your ads with
     Earn renewal credits for your breeder ads.
     BreedersClubShop - products for your pets.
Got Photos?   December 2006
   How to take better photographs of your pets.
     Photographing dogs.
     Discounted pet products in our new online store.