- Enhanced Advertising Options 

When you place an ad with and/or, your ad will appear in both the classifieds area and as a link in the appropriate Breeder Directory page. If you list multiple breeds in one ad, that ad will be linked to a maximum of three Breeder Directory pages.

Breeder Directory pages feature ad links in alphabetical order by state, then city, then breeder name if more than one breeder is located in the same city. The Breeder Directory pages also allow for two Spotlighted Ads in the top area of the page. (See below for complete details on Spotlighted Ads.)

The classified ads, themselves, allow for several types of options which can help promote your ad. These options do not apply in the Breeder Directory pages. The option prices apply to your membership and are not charged for each ad (unless you have more than the three ads allowed in the standard Advantage Membership, in which case there will be an additional charge).

Gold Priority - $20.00 per year - helps keep your ad higher in the classified search results

Platinum Priority - $35.00 per year - a higher search result than the gold priority.

Bold ($5.00) and Red Bold ($10.00) visibility - helps ad stand out in search results.

Highlight Color - $15.00 per year - color choices are:

Fire Red
Sky Blue
Lime Green

These highlight colors help ads stand out in the classifieds search results.

Featured Ad Status - $100.00 per year - keeps your ad(s) rotating with other Featured ads on home page and the classifieds browse page. These appear as the ads scrolling horizontally across the page near the top..

Spotlighted Ads

Be Our Spotlighted Breeder Through Spotlighted Ads

When a potential customer comes to our Breeder Directory pages, you want to do everything you can to attract attention to YOUR ad before they start surfing through other ads. Spotlighted Ads do exactly that!

Spotlighted Ads offer immediate visibility & accessibility of your Classified Ad Page by placing the picture of your choice inside a colored background at the top of the Breeder Directory page and listing you as our "Spotlighted Breeder". This is a great asset for Breeders living in states that are alphabetically listed further down the Breeder Directory pages!

Greater visibility = more potential customers and sales.

For an example of how the Spotlighted Ads appear, CLICK HERE.


How It Works

There are ONLY two (2) Spotlighted Ad Spaces available for each breed page.Located at the top of your specific Breeders Directory Page, you will be listed as a Spotlighted Breeder for the period of time you purchased.

The first time you run your Spotlighted Ad, you may submit a new picture to be used on your Spotlighted Ad at no charge; or use one that is already on your classified ad. Pictures will be kept on file for future use at no charge.

PLEASE NOTE: The formatting for your images(s) must be portrait (taller than wide). Landscape format (wider than tall) is not acceptable and will be rejected. We may need to further edit your submitted image(s). Formatting your submitted picture may include cropping and optimizing to meet site standards.

To submit a new picture, please email the image to If your image is already on your classified ad, please indicate which image we are to post for your ad, otherwise we will choose the best image in your ad, in our opinion, and post that one. NOTE: The image(s) you submit should be of excellent quality so that your company is represented by a good first impression. Out-of-focus, poorly cropped and other defective images will be rejected and you will be asked to submit a better image.

Your email must include your:


City and State

The name of Breed to be featured in the Spotlighted Ad

BreedersClub classified ad number (if available)

Should you want to substitute an existing Spotlighted Ad picture, a $15 fee will be charged for each new picture submitted. Once the substitution fee is paid, we will keep the picture on file along with your original picture and any other substitute pictures you submit for use. You will then have the option to use any of the pictures on file for the duration of the spotlight ad at no additional charge. (One picture per time period block.)

Cancellations requests must be emailed or telephoned to our office no later than 10 days prior to your Spotlighted Ad commencement date.


21 days for $25.00
14 days for $15.00

Payment Options

While reserving your Spotlighted Ad, you will be asked for your payment information. We acceot Visa, MasterCard, Discover: NOT AMEX or we can send you a PayPal invoice.

To purchase your Spotlighted Ad, contact Dean at 541-997-0131 to reserve your space.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Spotlighted Ad will not be activated until your payment is received. If your payment is not received within 72 hours prior to the start date, reserves the right to cancel your reservation and use the ad space for another breeder's ad.

ALSO: Actual Spotlighted Ad reservation dates must remain flexible. In order to keep the Spotlighted Ad slots full, slight adjustments to the originally requested beginning date of your Spotlighted Ad may be made by site administrators. Such adjustments will normally not be more than four (4) days earlier or later than the originally reserved two-week or three-week block. When such a change is made, your Spotlighted Ad will still run a total of fourteen (14) days or twenty-one (21) days, depending on your paid reservation. You will be notified by email if such a change has been made. Customer Support Phone number: 541-997-0131.