Modifying / Placing New Listings

To add or delete photos to your listing, CLICK HERE.

To pay for renewing your ad/membership, CLICK HERE.

For information about advertising priority and visibility upgrades, CLICK HERE.

How to Modify Your Listing

There is no additional charge from when you modify your ad(s) and/or change pictures without the help of our customer service representatives. If you wish a customer service representative to change your ad(s) for you, there may be a nominal charge, payable at the time the change order is submitted. If you need assistance to modify your ad, please call in your changes to 541-997-0131 and have your payment information available.

After reading these instructions, click on the link after step 6 below.

1. You will log in to your account at this link:

2. Enter your User Name & Password, Login

3. A list of your ads will appear, In the right hand column, under ACTIONS, choose modify ad

4. Your ad will open in its modifiable format. First, make the text changes you wish, then scroll to the bottom and click update. Second, navigate to the page allowing you to add/modify images make the changes to the pictures you want, follow click here for instructions.)

5. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Update" and the next page will show Updated successfully

6. When finished modifying your ad(s) you should then end your session by clicking on Logout found in the left hand column.


How to Place New Listings

NOTE: You may post unlimited ads in your account as long as you are the breeder. You may not post ads for other breeders. To post additional ads without charge, login to your account, open one of your ads, scroll to the bottom and click in DUPLICATE. An identical ad will open. Make the changes needed and submit it.

To place new ads requiring payment:

1 go to.

2. Just below the banner, look for and click on MY ACCOUNT. Then click on LOGIN.

3. Enter your User Name & Password, click in the box next to Auto login next time, then click red Login

5. Locate the Place Ad link and click on it.

6. Click on the Category box and choose the section where you want your listing to appear. Then click on Submit.

7. Choose duration of the ad (note fees apply), the highlight colors, extra visibility and priority options you want (extra charges apply). NOTE: If you have already paid, the requirement to pay will be waived.

8. Scroll down and click on the Submit button

9. Navigate to the page allowing you to add/modify images make the changes to the pictures you want, follow the instructions below (click here for instructions.)

10. On the next page, Order Preview, check your payment details for accuracy. Then click the box agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy. Then click Next


. If your are a new advertiser and/or this is a new and unpaid for ad, to have your new ad activated immediately, choose your payment method. Then, click on Proceed. Print that page and keep it for your records.

11. End your session by clicking on Logout found near the top of the page

Forgotten your username and password? Your user name and password were e-mailed to you when you registered as a user. If you have misplaced or forgotten your user name and password, you may have them emailed to you. Send your request to IMPORTANT! Include your name, address and phone number so that we can properly identify you and honor your request.

Adding, Deleting and Changing Photos in your Listing

The classifieds section of is designed to accept reasonably sized pictures in either .jpg or .gif format. If the pictures are abnormally large, they will fail to load. We recommend that you watermark your photos prior to uploading them. This will help prevent unscrupulous scammers from copying your photos and using them on others sites to scam people. Posting pictures to your listing is now very easy to do. Please be aware of the following:

  • All pictures posted to your ad(s) on must be pictures of your own animals. It is a violation of good business practices to post pictures other than those owned by you, the user, and your membership is subject to termination without a refund of fees if you are found in violation.

  • You may post up to twelve pictures in each ad (fewer in stud ads). Each picture can have its own description. You may change the pictures as often as you wish. There is no additional charge from when you modify your ad(s) and/or change pictures without the help of our customer service representatives. If help is required, there is a $5.00 fee charged for each picture changed by us.

  • Formatting your pictures correctly. Prior to uploading your photos, use a photo editing program to adjust the size of your photos to a resolution of 72 pixels per inch (PPI), also sometimes called dots per inch (dpi). Maximum size allowable is 8 MB. Adjust the height of the picture to 3 inches (smaller is okay, too). NOTE: pictures must be in .jpg or .gif format. All other formats will be rejected. Following this format advice will allow your pictures to load much faster for those wishing to view them. The shortcut to having pictures the correct size is to set your digital camera's resolution to the smallest size or web page size (e-mail size is an alternate size that will work, too).

  • To upload pictures, navigate to the add/modify images link in the ad you are editing, click on the red Select Images button, and search on your computer for a picture you want. Click (or double click) the picture and open it. Then, select UPLOAD. To upload more pictures, repeat the steps in this paragraph. IF YOU UPLOAD IMAGES FROM A SMART PHONE they will sometimes appear sideways or upside down in the ad. You can rotate the orientation in the images area of your ad.

  • To add captions, locate the images box (the box with the word item followed by a series of numbers. Click in that box and a list of pictures will drop down. Each picture has an item number. Click on the item number of the picture you want to add a caption. The picture along with a box for entering the caption will appear. Click in the caption box and enter the text you want. Then scroll down and click on Save and Close.

  • To delete pictures, navigate to the add/modify images link in the ad you are editing. Immediately below the word Images, locate the black trash can image connected to the picture you want to delete and click it. When you have chosen all the pictures you want deleted, scroll down and click on Update.
  • If you are not able to post your own pictures (i.e. if you do not own a computer with internet access and/or do not have a friend or relative owning a computer with internet access who can help you). We can post up to three pictures for you at no additional charge when you initially place your ad(s) with us. If you require more pictures to be posted using our customer service representatives, there will be a charge of $5.00 per additional picture. If you require us to change pictures for you there will be a $5.00 fee per picture change. A picture change includes (1) deleting a picture; or (2) posting a new picture; or (3) both deleting and substituting a new picture in its place. All changes to pictures as described in this paragraph shall be payable at the time of change.

  • Changing Breeds in Ads: Each ad may feature only one breed. Do not mention more than one breed in an ad. You may change the breed of an ad at any time. When you change the breed, the ad will automatically be linked to the correct breeder directory page. There is no limit to the number of times you may change breeds in an ad and there is no charge to change the breed in an ad when you do it without help from our customer service..

  • Breeder Directory Pages: These pages feature the top photo in each ad. Additionally they include the breeder description you entered in your registraion/profile page description. You may change the picture showing on the breeder directory page by shifting the one you want into the top position in the ad.

  • To have our customer service representatives post your pictures, you may do one of the following:

    1. E-mail your picture(s) to ; you must include your name, address and ad number. If you need more pictures posted than the guidelines above, please call us with your payment information. Pictures will be posted after your payment has been successfully processed. Note - this E-mail is for ad modifications and posting of pictures only.
    2. Mail: Contact us either by e-mail ( or phone (541-997-0131) and we will instruct you where to mail your photos. NOTE: we will post 3 pictures for you at no charge. Each additional picture will be charged at the rate of $5.00 per picture.


  • Go to the Members Login and enter your username and password. Click Login.
  • Follow the renewal instructions under the Other Actions heading.
  • The following page will present you with renewal and ad upgrade options. Choose the options you want and click on Proceed. If you have more than one ad with us, you need renew only one and we will take care of the remaining ads at no additional charge.