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Testimonials of Our Members

My sincerest thanks to each of you for your encouragement and compliments on our site. I hope the information we provide, the products we promote and other content at will bring you hours of enjoyment and provide many benefits to you and your pet companions. If you have any comments, compliments or constructive criticism as to how can be improved, please e-mail me.

I would like to thank for providing us with this site. We advertised here and on five other sites. We sold five of the six puppies right here. 90% of the hits on our website came from right here. Good Job, . Best Regards,
Vera D., Jackson, OH

Second Advertising with
We only Advertised Here SOLD all our Pug Puppies in 4 Weeks of an 8 Week Contract -- another Great Job Thanks A Second Time.
Vera D., Jackson, OH

Just wanted to thank you for being persistent.  I was a hard sell but you convinced me and I only wish I would of listened to you sooner.  My waitlist is long and I can be very selective of my puppy buyers.  I average about 4 serious inquiries a day!  You are providing a great service at an affordable price.  I have spoken to you per! sonally several times and you always solve my problems, Thank you.  Breederslub has completely turned my business around.  Before, I was struggling to sell my Top Quality dogs and now I am turning people away.  Same wonderful dogs...... better exposure.  Kelly V., Prescott, AZ and Orange County, CA

I was very pleased with the listing service. I was kind of skeptical at first, but I thought I would give it a try once and see how it worked out. It worked wonderfully! We sold all our pups in about 3 wks. of listing with and continued to get responses till the ad ran out, which gave us several prospective buyers for our next litter of pups! I was concerned that most of the responses would be from people several states away but that was not the case, we even had 1 response from a person in our hometown! Thanks for operating a good quality website that has a good reputation for bringing buyers and sellers together. We spent far less on advertising than we ever have with the local newspapers and got better results! Thanks again and we will definitely use your service in the future!
Sincerely, Jeff & DyAnna J., Golden Acres Kennels, Logansport, IN

I am very happy with the response I received. Within a week of placing our ad with you, 9 of our 10 puppies were sold from calls generated with our ad. We have sold all our puppies and have some future referrals for you.
Noel R.., Smithton, PA

I just wanted to tell you how much your site has helped us get the word out about our puppies. Most of our last litter was with us well into their third month before we found homes for all 10 of them. This litter of 9 we advertised on your site the month before they could leave, and they all had a home within 10 days of their turning 8 weeks and receiving their health certificates. Most of the new owners found us through your site. When we have another litter, we will definitely be signing up again with you. Thanks so much,
Mike & Lorie M., South Berwick, ME.

Just wanted to let you know that I have sold all but one puppy from your site. I really appreciate what you did for me and my family. Honest people really make the world go round. Again, thanks for placing my ad on your site. I have been very happy with the outcome. And as you had stated, many of your customers never advertise in the local newspaper as there is no need. I did find this to be true. Thanks again
Janet B., Colbert, WA.

I just told a friend of mine about your service and she would like a call. This was the best $200.00 I ever spent.
Jody D., Pittsburg, MO

I just wanted to drop you a short Thank you! Your web site was just the thing to sell my pups with, I sold them even before my ad ran out of time. I would be pleased to tell anyone to use your site, (have told several breeders I know about the site). Thanks.
Lynn R., Freeport, OH

We had great success with your service: received many calls and sold all our puppies and even have a waiting list of twelve buyers for our next litter. We are breeding again, right now, and will definitely use your service when the new puppies are born.
Lydia E., Nuevo, CA

Thank you very much for your ad. I have had very good response to it. I gave your listing information to two friends of mine who breed dogs and they are to contact you. Thank you for all your help and consideration. I feel you have a quality service and the more people that use it will benefit us all.
Kay T., Ada, OK

My puppies sold very fast after listing with you. Next litter, I'll call you earlier. Thank you.
Margo S., Pittsburgh, PA

We are extremely pleased with the response we have gotten with Thank you so much for contacting us about your services. This has been a very wise decision for us and we would highly recommend you to other breeders. Thanks again.
Karen D., Wake Forest, NC

We're more than pleased with the response from our listing. People have come from as far away as San Diego to Ventura to buy puppies from us and we don't even advertise in those areas. I don't need to advertise in the newspapers now, and I have waiting lists for my new litters. Thank you for this wonderful service.
Marion W., Riverside, CA

The ad was so effective that that all 6 puppies SOLD within two weeks and we could have sold another 12. The email and calls reponse was awesome. NEXT LITTER WE WILL USE YOU AGAIN. Thanks again
Dennis & Pam L., Decatur, IN.

I am totally delighted and thrilled with your service. All my puppies are sold and I will be using your service with my next litter. This is a great bargain.
Helen C., Potrero, CA

I would just like to say that your web site is great! I wish that I knew about this site when I was looking for a puppy and again when I was looking for a mate for my female American Bulldog. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a puppy.
Sherri S., Port Elizabeth, NJ

You have been so helpful, I appreciate your patience. Just to let you know, through your website, I have had many emails and calls about my puppies; but here is the best part. I actually have sold 4 pups, one of which flew all the way to Arizona, I was buzzed about that one! Thanks for the site and all your help, I have had many pleasing comments on my website.
Sherrie H. Rimersburg, PA

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how well your service worked for me. As you will recall, I was quite skeptical about listing on the internet. I had never advertised on the internet and didnt know much about how to use a computer. I was able to easily set up my page and update it without any help from my much more computer-literate children. The response to the site was incredible. I was able to quickly sell the puppies I had and even started a call-back list for future litters. I have recommended your site to several other breeders that I know. Thank you for the wonderful service that you are providing for us!
Karen P., West Monroe, NY is very excellent in the advertising of pups and I really appreciate you helping me with the ad. If I ever breed again, or know someone who needs to advertise their pets, I will surely recommend your internet service. Thanks again.
Theresa B., Seaford, DE

We are pleased with the results of the ad. The amount of time that elapsed from the point of our first customer contact to the sale of the last of five pups was less than 48 hours. We plan to use your site again, for the next litter. Jim & Janet M., Decatur, IL

I just want to say thank you for the service of having this website. I have sold all of my puppies from my first litter, and 5 of the 6 were because of this ad. I am very pleased with the site and it functions very well. I will definitely return with my next litter(s) to Breeders Club. Happy New Year and thanks again.
Theri V., Zumbrota, MN

I must tell you, I have been very happy with your company and the response to our ad. Your service, company and ads are quality all the way. Professionalism unending. Proud to do business with you. We will definitely advertise with you again and your company only!! Till we have another.
Pam T., Richmond, IN

Just wanted to thank you for your service. We sold a poodle to some great folks from Washington. They DROVE out here just to pick out their pup. I have pups listed on four different websites, and yours was the one that sold our pup. Thank you, I appreciate your time and constant monitoring of the site.
Guns 'n Noses Kennel, Blackstone, IL

I am so pleased with the results of my listing with you. I kid you not, I am really impressed with the number of calls and emails I get about our puppies. I am delighted! I have had 3 litters of puppies since listing with you and they have all been over half sold before they are old enough to leave home! Thank you so much for a wonderful marketing tool for my puppies.
Diana P., Grant, NE

I wanted to thank you for introducing us to Our results have been greater than expected. We have dropped our paid newspaper ads. The last litter of 10 puppies we featured on petsonsale sold in 3 days to customers in 4 states. Thanks again for help in getting started and for always being available for questions. God Bless You & Your Home!
Brenda T., Thedford's Basset Kennel, Spring City, TN

You're awesome! Thank you!!! The little blue on the left in the picture has a wonderful home with three little kids in Virginia. Thanks,!
Kristi R., North Charleston, SC

Guess what! The two litters of puppies I have on my ad are 3 1/2 weeks old. There were 19 puppies, I have deposit on 18 of them. Only one to go. And the deposits are all from my site. Isn't that great!!! Thanks to Breeders You're the Best.
Betty S., Ell Mott, TX

Thank you for your help today. I've been meaning to tell you, I have got great response through and have told others. It amazes me every day.
Treva A, Washburn, MO

I am VERY pleased to tell you we have sold all our puppies thanks to your ad. This has been the best and fastest selling litter we have ever had. Thank you so much for your help in advertising the pups. I will hang on to your number so we can use, again. Thanks Again!
Shelley H., Albany, OR

Our listing with has had a big response. Please call me and I will give you a credit card number to upgrade to the full Charter Membership. We have had good response out of the ad the last three months and hope to continue. Thanks again.
Rusty & Monnie R. Muenster, TX

We indeed had a great deal of success in selling our puppies. Within 1 week of getting their first shots, all of the 8 puppies were sold. Praise the Lord! The pictures seems to be a real selling point and I'm sure we will list with you again when we have another litter. Thanks so much.
Elaine B., Sugarcreek, OH

Couldn't believe the responses we received from your site; will recommend you to people I know. I was actually incredibly SURPRISED that the quality of the people who called and came to see the puppy (Max) were of the homes and quality that I wanted my dog to go to. More importantly, the kids and I chose where he went. Thanks, Teena F., Puyallup, WA

I just wanted to let you know that I have more responses than I have pups to sell. This is really 'too much'. Now I wish I had more dogs. I did put a sold on my Yorkie ad. Between the computer and the phone I'm really busy. Thank you,
Judi. Judith S., Stahlstown, PA

Your service is really great. I sold four or five puppies off your site. One lady called a couple of weeks ago and bought my last two. There were no problems at all. Thank you.
Jose H., Pomona, CA

I had many responses and wonderful success with my ad on your site. All our puppies are sold and I will be giving you a call later in the year when we have another litter to sell.
Robin S., Riverside, CA

The ad worked fantastic! Our beagle puppy sold in only a few days. We will definitely be using your listing service with our future litters. John and Jean W., Riverside, CAJust a quickie note here, to let you know that I think your site is going to be an "important" method of advertising now and in the future. I will be continuing on a yearly basis. Can't beat the price...can't beat YOUR friendly service. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...looking forward to years of association....
"Jan" M., Fallbrook Country Dachshunds, Fallbrook, CA

I was running the 60 day ad with you. We received calls and all the puppies are gone. I really appreciate the service and will definitely refer others to you.
Ken C., North Hollywood, CA

Thanks for watching out for me. By the way, I just wanted you to know I am getting a LOT of emails that say I saw you on Hope all is going well with the club & you are getting a lot of people to sign up. If anyone wants a reference, I will be glad to send you a letter of how I think it has helped my business & even answer a few emails. I think you all are Great. THANKS.
Jean E., Macon, GA

You can remove our ad now, the puppies have all sold. Thank-you very much. This is the way to go for the next litter!
Linda S., Decatur, IL

Thank you so much for having this opportunity available to me and others. I personally have had to advertise NOWHERE ELSE since being a member with you.... Thank God! I have saved a fortune, I just couldn't go on breeding dogs and advertising the way I was. It was just setting me back too much on a regular basis.. Most of my customers are not even from this area -- I love it!! I even get most of them to drive to me! Well, talk to ya soon, keep up the great work as you are a Total asset to us all!
Janice T., Bunnell, FL

Thanks for your help and you will be glad to know that most of my pups are sold before they are old enough to go and most of that is because of your web site. Thanks,
Dianne L., Pomona Park, FL

I recently placed an ad with you. I was amazed at the response and have sold all of my puppies, I had two litters with a total of 11 pups and the majority were sold with your help. I never dreamed that I would have such a response. Thank you so much and I will definitely be advertising with you.
Susan W., Ponca City, OK

Thanks so much. I actually got the best responses from, versus all the other internet ads. Your site is great and I found wonderful homes for all my pups. When we breed again, I will definitely place my ad with you first. Thanks,
Sherri R., Modesto, CA

I want to tell you all how happy I am with your site.
Thank you very much -- your the best. I've got more hits from your site than anywhere. Thank you,
Desty P., Smithfield, IL

We are so happy with We receive many emails and quality customers. Everytime we get a response from this website about our puppies the people are educated, friendly, and sincere...we noticed as opposed to other sites where we run ads. I don't know why this is, but your site is attracting good people.
Jennifer P., Lena, WI

Just wanted to let you know that we have sold all of our English Bulldog pups. We had the ad under Wellington, CO. Your website was an awesome venue to market these little guys to good homes and I really appreciate your services! I will continue to use you for all of our future litters ! Thanks so much !
Shannon S., Wellington, CO