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Listing # 19690 : Yorkiepoos ** Maltipoos

Contact: Sherry
Business Name: Sherry's Posh Pets
Telephone: 330-948-5269
E-Mail :
Web Site :
Video Link :
City: Seville
State/Province: Ohio
Zip/Postal Code: 44273
Country: United States
Price: $400 - $500
Available?: presently
Shipping/Delivery: INQUIRE
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Date Added: 01/15/2009  Last Updated:11/26/2014     Add to Favorites

Yorkiepoos, Maltipoos puppies for sale in Ohio

Among the smaller Designer Pups are the Yorkiepoo. The Yorkiepoo is a Terrier-Poodle cross. The personality and confirmation of these cousin breeds are very similar.  The size depends on whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle is used and could vary from 3-15 pounds and 7-12 inches at the shoulders.  They live on an average of 14 years. These little ones are friendly, self-confident, loyal, energetic, and intelligent. They are brave (too brave for their own good at times) little creatures and make excellent watch dogs. They are good with kids and other pets if raised with them from puppy-hood, but care must be taken that children are supervised when they are young so as not to hurt them because of their small size.  Yorkiepoos are well-suited for apartment life and fare well without a yard. They can be strong-willed but highly trainable with patience and consistency. Their coats can be thick or thin, and wavy to curly. Regular brushing and grooming are needed.

The Maltipoo is a dainty little cross between the Maltese and Poodle.  His weight is usually is under 10 pounds,  and it is common to find them in the t-cup size range, under 5 pounds. The Maltipoo is a great companion dog and gets along well with everyone. They love people and canines alike. The Maltipoo is eager to socialize, trusting and good-tempered. He is gentle, affectionate and good with children but must be supervised with children for his own protection, due to his small stature. They are generally quiet little dogs and do well in small yards and apartment dwellings. These low to no shedding dogs have a fine, silky coat that grows in long, luxurious locks and needs to have regular grooming to keep it mat-free.


View Images:

Corky,Male Yorkiepoo puppy for sale in Ohio - $500

Angel, , Female Bich Poo for sale in Ohio - $500

Casper, male Bich Poo for sale in Ohio - $500

Dove,, Female Bich Poo for sale in Ohio - $500

Spanky, Male Yorkiepoo puppy for sale in Ohio - $500

Tater, Male Yorkiepoo puppy for sale in Ohio - $500

Cricket, Female Yorkiepoo puppy for sale in Ohio - $500

Ziggy, Male Yorkiepoo puppy for sale in Ohio - $500


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