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Contact: Sherry Reed
Business Name: Sherry's Posh Pets
Telephone: 330-948-5269
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City: Seville
State/Province: Ohio
Zip/Postal Code: 44273
Country: United States
Price: $450-600
Available?: Presently
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Shih-poos, Shihpoos ~ Lhasapoos ~ Peekapoos, Pekapoos puppies for sale in Ohio

Shih Poos are sweet, pudgy-faced dolls bred from a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. They generally weigh between 10-12 pounds, and their life expectancy is about 15 years. They can be leggy like the poodle, or shorter-legged like the Shih Tzu. The Shih Poo is a happy and fun-loving, playful breed with a charming character. They are attentive, personable, bright, and love human affection. They get along great with other pets, cats or dogs, and are generally good with children. Shih Poos are gentle-natured and can be a little mischievous. Loyalty is their middle name. They do well with obedience training and learn tricks easily. Shih Poos are extremely smart and trainable, and their intelligence makes housebreaking an easy chore.  They thrive well indoors and require only moderate exercise. Their non-shedding coats are typically smooth, silky, and wavy, requiring regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. This mixed breed is naturally clean and only needs to be bathed and groomed as necessary.

The Pekingese and Poodle combination make lovely Pekapoos. The average size is 10-12 pounds and 9-10 inches at the shoulders. They are mild-tempered, affectionate, smart, and outgoing. They also make good watch dogs and are moderately easy to train. If they are raised with children and other pets, they do well and will make lovely and affectionate family pets.  Their energy level is low to medium, and they love to cuddle. They have a low to no shedding coat that can vary in texture, but it is usually full, soft and wavy. They need to be brushed regularly and groomed periodically. Because of their pudgier faces and more compressed sinus cavities, the Pekapoo needs to live in an air conditioned and heated home. 

A Lhasa Poo is a Lhasa Apso - Poodle mix. They are generally 14 pounds and 10-12 inches at the withers, but bred with a toy poodle, they can be much smaller. A healthy Lhasa Poo can live quite a long life, perhaps into their twenties. The Lhasa Poo is a happy, fun-loving, and playful breed with a charming character. They are personable, bright, and affectionate but can be a little independent. The positive side to that is that they are more content to be alone, making them a suitable dog for a working family. They are not yappy but make good watch dogs and are known to be a loyal family friend. They are above average in intelligence but tend to have the Alpha instinct, so a firm hand while training when they are young will pay off in the end with a happy, well-adjusted pet. They require moderate exercise and prefer to be indoors. Their non-shedding coats are typically thick and wavy, requiring regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. They are clean by instinct and only need to be bathed and groomed as necessary

TRUTH ABOUT BOYS AND GIRLS: There's a little known secret that us breeders hold. Generally speaking, boys are easier going, not as hyper, and more eager to please. They are not as stubborn and tend to like all people rather than acclimate to just one. Most people don’t realize that girls can be territorial, are often more aggressive, and more protective than a male. A female can also mark her territory and be the Alpha dog. Something to think about…


 We got our first poodle 12 years ago when my children wanted a dog and was looking for one that didn't affect their allergies. We had so much fun with the pup that we considered hiring a stud and having a litter of our own; only to find out that for the price, we could buy another dog. So we did, and our little venture built from there.

 I specialized in chocolate toy Poodles and had a very good champion line going back to San Gai and Callimont.   For many years I had only three females and a little boy. These dogs were my pets as well as my passion. Although my pups primarily go to people for pets, I do sell a couple every year to breeders, but only sell to in-home breeders.

 A few years ago I gave my friend, Carol her first male poodle and she has since started breeding on the same scale as I. Later she bought a Cocker Spaniel and allowed her male to breed. The pups were a hit! Little by little we realized that the "Designer pups" - are highly sought after, and I was introduced to an exciting variety of dogs that did not shed and puppy mixes that my children could tolerate. Thus, our passion for "Designer Pups" and “Puppy-poos” was born.

I do all the advertising for the babies. Our homes are hopping and busy, and our children have joined in and earn some college money at the same time.  Eventually, a couple other friends have joined us and now we are four.  We have introduced the Puggles to our lovely designer pup selection and between all of us, we are privileged to raise a variety of adorable critters all year round. I feel so fortunate because I get to do what I enjoy most.

Our adult dogs are AKC or CKC registered. All pups are de-wormed on a regular basis, vaccinated, and come with a two year health guarantee for any genetic defects because we are confident in the quality of our babies. 

All of our babies are well loved, pre-spoiled, and well socialized to people and other animals.  Our babies deserve good homes, so convince me that you will love your new little one.


So, who says you can’t buy love?