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Miniature Schnoodle puppies for sale in WAashington                                            

F1 Schnoodle puppies expected in early spring. These will be Miniature size. Get on the list now, to choose.

Darling Schnoodles, one of America’s FAVORITE family dog. These dogs have the personalities of the Schnauzer and the Smarts and Hypo Allergenic factor of the Standard Poodle. These dogs make wonderful family pet and house dogs. I can't say enough about these GREAT dogs.

Schnoodles are a Designer cross of the smaller breeds of Schnauzer and Poodle. As such, the weight of an adult Miniature Schnoodle can range from 7–16 pounds, and the mature weight of a Standard size Schnoodle may be around 30-35 lbs. The temperament of the Schnoodle reflects its Schnauzer and Poodle forebearers. The Schnauzer can be affectionate, naturally protective, intelligent and strong-willed; the Poodle is often clever, active, and excels in obedience training. Schnoodles may inherit any combination of intelligence, personality, temper and protective nature of the parent breeds.


We have been blessed with these wonderful dogs for over 12 yrs

We are A LICENSED KENNEL        



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We also deliver to: North Bend, Ellensburg, Moses Lake, and Hermiston Washington


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